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A briefing Session was organized on 20 February in the Embassy to share the highlights of the Union Budget of India 2020-21 and Economic Survey 2019-2020. Ms. Aliyu Halima Mamane, Member of Parliament and Deputy, National Assembly of Niger, was the Chief Guest. Mr. Hamidou Wankoye, Director General (Bilateral Relations), and Mr. Issaikou Abdou, Director (Africa-Asia), both from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Mr. Mayata Hamza (Budget), Director General in Ministry of Finance, Professors Amadou Kaka and Dr. Aboube Laouan both from Abdou Moumouni University were also invited. Members from Chamber of Commerce of Niger and Media were also invited to the event. The Session began by welcoming remarks by Second Secretary & HoC. In his remarks Ambassador shared the salient features of the Union Budget and the Economic Survey. These were also simultaneously translated into French language by Mission’s Social Secretary. The Power Point Presentation on the Union Budget and Economic Survey was also run. While Ms. Aliyu was to be the Chief Guest, however, on 20 February noon she informed that she would not be able to join the event as she has to attend some other important commitment. Director General (Budget) and Director General (Bilateral Relations) also could not attend. It may be mentioned that while the Director General (Budget) was invited for the event, he mentioned that it was a very good initiative on the part of India to share their Budget features with foreign countries. India is an emerging developing country India is doing good progress for ease of doing business. There is a dynamic growth as seen from the indicators. India is a favourable country for doing business. India has very advanced technology and most of the IT Engineers working in US are from India. India can help Niger in the areas of IT cooperation. Similarly while Director General (Bilateral Relations) was invited for this event, he instantly accepted the invitation. He remarked that this is a very good approach to explain Indian Budget features with Niger. He welcomed the Gujarat Bullion, and recalling his last posting to Saudi Arabia, he mentioned that although gold from Saudi Arabia and UAE was much in demand but the gold from India was rated the most. He also assured that Mission’s briefing material on Union Budget and Economic Survey would also be appropriately shared among other Niger Departments and Bodies. Prof Amadou Kaka welcomed the event which allowed them to get details of Indian Budget and Economic Survey. He stated that they learnt about the economic performance of India through Media and this event has provided them with real figures. Dr. Aboube Laoun appreciated this approach adopted by Embassy to share details of Indian Budget and Economic performance. The Fundamental Duty of “to value and pursue the rich heritage of our composite culture” was also focused in the event. Photocopies of the Union Budget, Economic Survey and material downloaded from the Website of Ministry of Justice, were also distributed among the invitees. Light refreshments were also served at the end of the Program. The material received from Khadi and Village Industries Corporation was also suitably displayed to the invitees.

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